About David Abingdon


A bit of background 

With over 35 years of experience and four companies grown from zero to multi-million dollar ventures within the first 12 months, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of both the UK and Australian markets.

As a dual national, I have successfully run and owned companies in both Australia and the UK. I have trained numerous Australian business consultants, some of whom have become prominent business personalities. By staying current with prevailing business practices in Australia, I ensure that my unique blend of global perspective and local expertise can help your business overcome its challenges and thrive.

Throughout my career, I’ve empowered numerous businesses to break through stagnation and reach new heights in sales, customer acquisition, and profitability. For instance, I helped a client achieve £35 million ($70 million) in revenue from zero in just two and a half years. Recently, I enabled another client to secure a £1.2 million ($2.4 million) windfall with an additional £600K ($1.2 million) recurring annually, at very little cost to them.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and businesspeople in marketing, sales, and business development. Many of them have gone on to achieve significant success.

My work is not just a profession—it's a passion.

I’ve also authored around twenty proprietary manuals on business and marketing, published several books including a college manual and "Out Of The Box Marketing," and provided expert opinions on TV, radio, and other media, including a feature in the UK Channel 4 documentary ""How The Other Half Live."

My consulting services are designed to provide you with practical knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to excel in today’s competitive market. Whether you're facing stagnant sales, seeking to boost your business’s performance, or just require a set of 'fresh eyes,' I offer customized solutions that address your unique business challenges.

Let’s chat about working together to transform your business and unlock its full potential.

Excerpt from my book:

"American astronauts upon first going into space soon discovered that their pens didn’t work in zero gravity. So NASA embarked upon a program to invent a writing instrument that would work in outer space... After spending millions of dollars and burning thousands of man-hours on research and engineering, they finally developed a "pump pen" that could write anything, anywhere, at any angle.

Meanwhile, in the secret laboratories behind the Iron Curtain, Soviet Union scientists casually took note of the researches of their American counterparts. They spent almost no time and no money solving this problematic dilemma. They already had the answer, their cosmonauts used… pencils."

What Others Are Saying

Dan Pena

The 50 Billion Dollar Man, Scotland

"David Abingdon is certainly an 'out of the box' phenomenon! In the almost 20 years I've known him he's built 4 multi-million pound sterling organisation's from scratch..."

Peter Sun

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Queensland

"David is an amazing entrepreneur who has notched up some very impressive business successes... A great mentor of world class knowledge and professionalism."

Des Vadgama

Entrepreneur, London

"I've been tracking David's business career over the last 18 years and his direct approach often shocks business owners and entrepreneurs. But time and again his strategies turn out to be nicely profitable."

Dudley Peacock

Bus. Consultant, Cape Town

"The supercharged tools and techniques has opened a new world for me. David Abingdon's direct, no-nonsense approach to marketing and business development is an absolute must for anyone in business."

Kim Davis

Wealth Manager, California

"David, 'you the man!' Here are the keys to business success; a ready-made system with the strategies, concepts, ideas and application procedures which to operate."

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