What Business Are You REALLY In?

In this short video, watch David Abingdon giving practical examples of how understanding or misunderstanding the nature and market of your business (and how your customers see you) can lead to huge success or dismal failure.

Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

David Abingdon built three of his own companies to multi-million enterprises in their first year. He has also gained acclaim as a Business Consultant, Success Coach, Franchise Expert and Deal Maker - directly making one client over £35 ($59) Million in just two and half years. He was paid in excess of £1.27 ($2.1) Million in fees.

David is author of the breakthrough business book 'Out Of The Box Marketing' as well as other manuals and guides. He has also contributed and provided expert opinion & comment on TV, radio and other media and was featured in the UK's Channel 4 documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’, shown around the world.


What People Say About David Abingdon

What David Can Do For You...

  • Consulting And Mentoring

    If you’re interested in discovering some of the cutting edge methods and processes that can make the difference between success and mediocrity in your business then call or email me. I’d be happy to chat with you to explore the possibilities.

    If we get together in a consulting or mentoring relationship then we can look at a financial arrangement that I think you will find fair.


  • Franchising Your Business

    If you are looking for a fast, proven and exciting way to expand and develop your business nationally or internationally then franchising (and licensing) is a business model that you cannot afford to ignore.

    Regardless of the size of your company, your industry, products or market, franchising remains a phenomenally effective distribution method to exponentially expand the reach of your business. Furthermore, another huge advantage to franchising is that it not only pays for itself but can also, to a large extent, capitalise your business.

    Having successfully planned, developed and launched many franchises to international success, I am sure that I can help you to do the same.


  • Speaking And Training

    I would be delighted to consider speaking or training at your next event, company sales meeting or marketing gathering or even for your business association.

    Call or email me to discuss how we can tailor my large repertoire of keynote speeches and ‘out of the box training and courses to meet the requirements of your event, meeting and audience.


  • Direct Sales Development

    Having selected, recruited, trained and supported in excess of 3,000 direct sales people in a variety of industries and markets (tangible & intangible products) I can advise and assist you in developing and launching your very own commission-based sales teams.

    From scratch, I have designed the front and back office processes and systems that are needed to support and interface with your current structure and to ensure the ongoing success of your operation. This also includes lead generation, advanced sales training, conversion and closing.

    Additionally, I can also assist you in development of telephone sales, internet sales and website marketing…  In fact anything that is sold directly!