SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Please scan and then read through this page. It gives in-depth details about the Intellectual Property (IP):

  • What it is
  • What it consists of and what is included
  • How you can use it and leveraging its potential and value
  • How you can create multiple business platforms and sales channels with it
  • How you can use it in an existing business or to build a new business
  • Why it is being offered on an exclusive basis
  • What to do if you are interested in purchasing it
  • Support and training in its use and application

Once you've studied this page you should be in a position to decide if you would like further information by contacting me personally (details below).


From David Abingdon:

DA Pic 3Over the last sixteen years, I have written and developed the now updated IP below to help hundred's, if not thousands, of businesses, consultants and coaches achieve their business, personal and financial goals.

The materials and resources that you will discover were created for the business platforms, programs, systems and courses which led to the establishment of several of my businesses; The Quantum Organisation and The Alchemy Network. Both of these became multi-million international franchise operations within 12 months from start.

The IP has been the backbone to help and train in excess of 3500 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales, deal making and of course; consulting & coaching. Some have gone on to achieve huge success - sometimes global.

Much of that training is also on video and is offered along with all of the IP for both your own training and familiarisation and that of your employees/franchisees/clients. It is designed to provide a thorough background and insight into the use, leverage and potential of the IP.

"This Intellectual Property has made me millions.
It has multiple business platforms and can make many more millions.
Now, you can own the sole and exclusive rights for your country."

Your Ownership Of The Alchemy IP

This is very much a big picture opportunity to acquire and possess the sole and exclusive rights to your very own IP to market, promote and sell in whatever way you wish...

This means you can add and use it in your current business (or start a new business) as a training and operating system for new and established consultants, coaches and businesspeople, or to offer courses and programs - offline & online, or you can even franchise/license entire swathes of the material to others and build a regional, national or international organisation. Just like I did!

As the owner, it is up to you to use it as you wish.

This IP is unmatched and updated. It encompasses a vast array of subjects including Business Growth & Development, Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Training & Systems, Marketing, Business Training, Positioning, Deal Making, Franchising & Licensing, Personal Development, Joint Venturing, Sales, Recruitment, Time Management, Seminar Marketing, Branding, M & A's, Business Planning, Campaign Marketing, Operations, etc, etc, etc

This is the complete blueprint and operating systems (including all of the manuals, tools processes and resources) to build a multi-million consulting, coaching and/or training franchise, licensing, employee or/and online based business.

For simplicity, the IP has been divided into three main sections:

  1. End User IP (can be supplied to clients as products, courses, services or deliverables
  2. Consultant/Coach/Trainer IP (for your use or use by your franchisees/licensees/employees
  3. Owner IP (for your use as owner of the IP)

Ownership of the IP provides you with the sole and exclusive territorial rights with the copyrights and full ownership authority.

You can see more about the IP below. You can also click the link to see how part of the IP was being sold until recently as an online consultant training course:


1. End User IP


  1. TALISMAN Business Growth & Development System (3 Manuals & 23 Modules)
  2. Business Systemisation
  3. Franchising
  4. Franchise Operations
  5. Business Mastery Coaching Program (12 manuals)
  6. Seminar Marketing
  7. Time Management
  8. Marketing Strategies Encyclopaedia
  9. 26 Marketing Mistakes
  10. Professional Copywriting

Resources: Special Reports, Guides, Hand-out’s & Giveaways

  1. 16 Golden Rules To Massively Grow Your Business
  2. Developing A USP & Market Position
  3. How To Sell A Business
  4. How To Buy A Business
  5. How To Value A Business
  6. Raising Finance For A Business
  7. Due Diligence In 5 Easy Steps
  8. How To Develop The Millionaire Mentality

Tools & Resources

  1. TALISMAN Workbooks (2 Vol’s)
  2. Business Systemisation Check List Guide
  3. A Huge Range Of Other Tools, Materials And Resources

2. Consultant/Coach/Trainer IP


    1. Fast Cash Methods
    2. Business Growth Power Principles
    3. Consulting & Coaching Process Manual
    4. The Consulting, Coaching & Training Tool Box
    5. Deal Making
    6. Joint Venturing
    7. Client Acquisition
    8. Client Conversion
    9. Keys To Successful Consulting
    10. Strategies For Specific Industries
    11. USP & Positioning Guide
    12. Buying & Selling A Business Guide
    13. Compendium Of Winning Ads
    14. Positioning Yourself As The Expert

Video Training

    1. 40+ Consultant & Coach Training Video’s – Average 30 minutes each covering all aspects of the IP
    2. Over 20+ Other Video Templates


    1. The Entire 11 Volume End User Manuals and other materials
    2. A vast range of Forms, ‘How to’ Sheets, Worksheets, Analysis Sheets, Templates, Client Legal Agreements, Spreadsheets
    3. Franchise Operations Guide Creation Software
    4. Confidential Business Analysis
    5. Franchise
    6. Initial Client Presentation PowerPoint (3 versions)
    7. TALISMAN Client Consulting/Coaching PowerPoint
    8. Business Growth Calculator
    9. Fast Cash Calculator
    10. Lifetime Value Calculator
    11. Client Facing Resources & Materials

3. Owner IP

Manuals & Materials

  1. Franchise/ License Prospectus (several versions)
  2. Master Franchise/License Prospectus (several versions)
  3. Country Franchise/License Prospectus

Tools & Resources

  1. Recruitment Website Templates
  2. Online Sales Website Templates
  3. Recruitment Materials
  4. Selection Materials
  5. Franchise & Licensing Agreements
  6. Response Email Templates
  7. A vast array of Recruitment & Operating Forms, Checklists & Other Materials
  8. Many Testimonials (could be used for the IP)
  9. Complete Online Platform For Internet Marketing.
  10. Franchise & Master Franchise System

Training Resources

  1. Entire Programs & Agenda’s For 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 And 10 Day Courses. Including Lecture Sessions, Handout’s, Exercises & Group Interaction.
  2. Trainers PowerPoints For All The Subject Matter


For further details, investment or additional information contact David Abingdon at: david@DavidAbingdon.com