David's Bio And Areas Of Expertise

Business Expansion And Consulting

David Abingdon was founder of Insurety PLC, a direct sales insurance company that he build from scratch to £4.5 ($7) million in just 12 months. Later, as founder of the Quantum Organisation and Alchemy Network, he grew each company into international successes and achieved revenues well in-excess of a million pounds sterling in their first year.

As a business development consultant, he has assisted many companies on their path to growth and directly made one client over £35 ($59) million in just two and half years from zero, for which he received in excess of £1.27 ($2.1) million in fees.

Sales, Marketing & Consultant Training

Over the last 23 years David has trained in excess of over 3000 people from all walks of life and from around the world in business growth & development, marketing, sales, consulting, franchising and entrepreneurship. Directly and indirectly, he's helped thousands of businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs to achieve their visions and goals.

Franchising & Direct Sales Development

As a proven and time-tested business start-up expert, David has built and developed new direct sales and franchise divisions for his own companies and for his clients which included the selection, recruitment, training and support of self-employed, commission-only teams and managers, that numbered in their thousands. These new divisions led to the expansion, development and the financial success of his own businesses and those of his clients.

Out Of the box marketingTraining Courses, Programs And Resources

David is author of the breakthrough business book 'Out Of The Box Marketing' (available on Amazon and bookstores), co-author of Advancing In Marketing (a college business manual). Additionally, he has written over 34 proprietary business manuals & guides as well as developing a huge range of business and personal development tools, materials and resources.

He has created numerous training courses and programs in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, consulting, coaching, systemisation, business planning, franchising, deal making and business development.

In The Media

David has received extensive coverage on TV and radio as well as contributing expert opinion and comment in other media. These include the BBC's 'Money Programme’, BBC News, Sunday Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail the Guardian, Scotsman, Australian Wealth Creator Magazine, Success Magazine, the Age, Hindustan Times, The Australian, Marketing Magazine, the Australian Financial Review and many more.

He was also featured as the philanthropic millionaire in the UK’s Channel 4 acclaimed documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’, shown around the world (watch the show below).


DA Montage copy 2


David Abingdon in 'How The Other Half Live'

Demonstrating what it means to grow up in poverty in 21st-century Britain, a wealthy family assists one living below the poverty line. Multimillionaire David Abingdon has given his children a privileged upbringing, including attending an exclusive private school. They help a former New Age traveller who has studied law, but is having difficulty finding an essential apprenticeship and is £20,000 in debt.

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I’ve considered investing in an MBA but David's stuff is the Millionaire’s MBA.

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This can be your turning point... Great! I would recommend David to all!

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Extremely good, a wow factor on the concepts and I now have a head full of ideas!

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I gained an insight into how businesses can be dramatically grown through sensible yet powerful methods... Excellent content and material.

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Insightful, concise, valuable and career changing. The interaction works extremely well. A truly excellent program easily worth the time and  money.

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Nothing is left out, it is so very comprehensive and a source of practical and relevant knowledge... Wonderfully powerful stuff!

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